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Interactive Dashboards

App admin can easily visualize the information from backend with the help of graphs, tables etc and it helps them to analyze data in much better way.

Build and manage your own carriculum

Interactive UI for seamlessly create and manage course/subject/chapter including create, edit, search, filter etc.

Seamlessly manage the students

View the details about the registered students such as Student analytics, Enrolled course details, profile information, subscription details etc.

Advanced media library

Our media library allows to upload materials(Videos, Audios, Images, Documents etc) and manage the media at one place. We have advanced listing page with search and filter options.

Question banks

We can upload bulk questions using excel to our system this and question pool allows to reuse the questions anywhere and manage the same at one place with advanced search and filter options.

Easy registration & login

Our system is highly secure from intruders and very simple to use for our customers. The users can easily register with application using the registered phone number and OTP.

Learn through medias

Learning through medias is the best way to understand the concepts. Our system supports video playbacks along with audio and documents.

Manage and explore various courses

We are providing one of the best UX experiences to users. Candidates shall enroll the courses easily by choosing the interested courses from the list.

Learn through attending exams

We can enable the mock test from our backend. This helps the candidates to prepare for the exams and it will help them to get rid of exam fear.

Supports offline media access

We can provide options to candidates to download the study materials and access the downloads even without the internet.

Supports encrypted downloads

The video contents are very secure in our system. They are encrypted and stored in the devices and which will be decrypted inside the app.

Interactive live class

We can provide best online class experience with audio/video session along with virtual whiteboard, live quiz, live chat and multi file support presentation.

Performance monitoring

Our performance monitor module gives you in-depth knowledge about the performance of sales, students etc.

Live exam

We have a live exam module which helps to take live exam for all students at same time. You can configure the exams very easily from our advanced backend.

Live quiz

Candidates can host quiz and invite their friends to join the quiz by sharing the quiz code. This quiz code allows other candidates to join this quiz.

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