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Interactive Dashboard
Provide Complete Insights to the areas related to:-

  • Courses
  • Students
  • Exams
  • Notifications

Build and Manage your own curriculum
Interactive UI for Seamlessly Create and Manage Course

  • List all the courses available in the application
  • View course details
  • Edit and update the course details
  • Add new course
  • Manage course Subject and Chapter
    • List Content in subject and Chapter Level
    • Search and Filter
    • Detailed View of Subject and Chapters
    • Edit and update
    • Publish or unpublish
  • Manage each courses Individually
  • Manage Pricing Plans for Each Course
  • Manage Students enrolled from course level
  • Manage Live class and Live Exams on course level

Seamlessly Manage the Students.

  • View the List of Registered Students with all necessary details at a glance.
  • Send Notification and Email to Individual students
  • Get the detailed information related to individual students such as:-
    • Student Analytics(Hours spent ,Total courses completed, Achievements, Exams Attended etc.).
    • Enrolled course details.
    • Get to know the reviews posted by that particular student.
    • Subscription Details with Subscription History
    • Feature to Add students Manually to the Platform(Individually and Bulk)

Conduct live exams

  • Interactive scheduler for Scheduling live Exams.
  • Create new exam
  • Assign questions to the exam
  • Edit and update the exam and configurations
  • List exams, Search, and Filter
  • View exams and results

Conduct live classes

  • Schedule Live classes through Scheduler
  • Easy to assign Faculty for Live classes

Question banks

  • Provision to Store and Manage all the Questions
  • Add new question and answer
  • List, Search and filter questions
  • View question details
  • Edit and update existing questions

Interactive Media library to manage all contents at one place

  • Store all the Medias in a common media Library for Easy Managing(Audio,Video,Text)
  • List all materials (i.e videos)
  • Search and filter
  • Remove or update content

Performance Monitoring – Gives you In Depth Knowledge on the Sales performance of each Courses.

  • Easy Preps Session for Presenter – Presenters can login and Upload all the Presentation files and Questions before the class.
  • Secure and Easy login for Teachers Using OTP – Temporary OTP login feature for presenter
  • Multiple file support for Presentation – PPT/PPTX support for presentations
  • Interactive learning through Quiz – Presenter can conduct Quiz on real time using Preloaded Questions
  • Interact through Chat – Teacher and Student can interact through chats makes learning more interactive
  • Easy switch Between Video and voice – Onclick Switch between video and Voice feature
  • White-Board Session – Supports Virtual whiteboard to give the complete Class room Experience

  • Easy Registration and Login – Register and Login with your Phone Number
  • Manage and Explore Various courses – Easy to Select and learn through Various courses
  • Learn through Medias – Support the study materials in Video (Online streaming with resume feature), Audio, Document Formats
  • Supports Offline Media Access – App allows to Download the media for watch later
  • Supports Encrypted Downloads – Encrypted Media Downloading feature Protects the downloaded contents from Piracy
  • Learn through attending Exams – Supports Mock tests and Scheduled Live Exams
  • Interactive Live Classes – Provision to attend Scheduled Live Class and Interact with Presenter through Chat
  • Supports Online Quiz (Optional Module)
    • Invite and Play Quiz with others by sharing the unique code generated by the Host.
    • Detailed Leaderboard to know the Quiz results.

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